In this article, I explain how to integrate HUAWEI HMS Core into both existing android application and new android application. Huawei continue the open source core android operating system on its devices. You can add HUAWEI HMS Core to existing android application or a new android application.

Huawei health kit provides data such as google fitness data. It render open fitness and health data for developers, offering data aggregation, storage, and sharing capabilities for fitness and health apps and devices. …

A service worker is a script which runs in the background in a browser. It’s like a proxy. A proxy works as an interface or a gateway between you and internet.It facilitates offline responsibilities. In adding service workers for a an application, so it’s part of a PWA(Progressive Web Apps).PWA is a type of application software that uses modern web capabilities such as progressive, responsiveness, connectivity pendant, app-like, fresh, Safe, discoverable, re-engageable, installable, linkable.

Why we need service workers ?

A service worker is a script to manage the caching for an application therefore, service worker run in the web browser. Adding a service worker to…

In this blog, you will learn how to approach Angular template driven forms. Angular forms help you to create custom form controls and validations. The form controls can hold data values and form validation data. There are two types of handling user inputs by forms in angular. Those are reactive forms and template driven forms. Both types of forms catch user events from the view.

Template driven forms are model driven forms driven by directives in a template. Template driven forms are approached by angular JS users but sometimes template driven forms will be used for complex systems. For instance…

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